Slip at Wurtemburgh

Connoquenessing at Zelie


Connie Put In Map

Slip Road Map

Slip Flat Water Put In

Slip Put Ins

2007 Rescue Rodeo Pictures by Pat Murphy and Dawn Wehman

2007-06-11 Slip Clinic Pictures by Dawn Wehman

Sharon Minto's Pictures from Slip Clinic 2007

2007-06-01 First Annual Class I Kiddy Run

2007-03-02 Connie at the bus garage 9.5ft 6940cfs

2007-02-23 Paddling with the Pros at Slippery Rock University

2006-11-24 Black Friday on the Slip

Sweet shots of Swimmers on the Lower Yough from of Zak & Matt

2006-06-25 Above Maytag

2006 Slippery Rock Rescue Rodeo - June 24-25

2006-06-08 Slip Clinic

2006-02-28 Connie at 2.6ft 350cft

2006-05-18 Connie at "Calgon" 6.2ft 3,500 cfs

2006-05-11 Slip at 2.5' Kennedy Mill to Eckerd

2005-Matt's First Swim - Eckerd Bridge 6'

SRU Kayak Adventure Weekend - Connoquenessing River